Control your Energy bill!



Project Feasibility - Site assessment, Financing

Engineering - Site review, Panel layout, Complete design

Pre-Construction - Permitting procurement, Estimating



Material Procurement - Purchasing, Receiving and Inspection, Onsite logistics


Construction - Project management and schedule, Foundation and racking installation, Module installation, DC and AC collection systems, Monitoring/control networks installation



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Go Green

Solar power is beneficial to the environment because it is a clean and sustainable energy source.

Energy produced with fossil fuels or nuclear power creates harmful toxins, releases greenhouse gases into the air and disrupts the ecosystem. 


Save Money

Reduce your monthly bill. What would you do with $100, $200, or even $800 extra dollars per month in your pocket? Take advantage of:

  • Federal Tax Credits
  • State Tax Credit
  • Utility rebates
  • Solar depreciation